Re: San O deck pad = crap

Posted by Stew on Jun 25, 2004


Being a key part of the design and devlopment of that kit, as well as an avid paddle(board)er, I have two pieces of advice for you -

(1) For prone paddling, wear some type of neoprene vest or top. You'll stick to the deck pad like glue.

(2) For knee paddling, glue some small foam 'wedges' to each outside edge of the foam deck pad near where your knees are when knee paddling. These will keep your kness from sliding off the edge of the deck, and you shouldn't currently have any problem with your knees sliding inward.

The foam on that board is the same type of foam used on production boards. It may just be thinner or thicker than others you may have encountered.

Also, since you just started paddling this design (Wednesday night), give it time. People who have paddled my multiple kit boards have found them to be very unsteady at first. Soon after, with some time spent in open water, they became comfortable.

You should find the board to become very stable for you in just a short while. I go bare back when I can, just to work on my coppertone and highly savage tan, and I stay put just fine. You probably will too.

I've never heard of anyone applying wax to a foam deck pad. I don't recommend it.


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