Re: Broke my chesapeake 1

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Jun 17, 2004

Another variable to consider is if the original curve of the deck remains or if it peaked along the crack. If the curve is intact, I'm thinking along the lines of working the deck underside with the sander and laying on a new layer of 6 oz. cloth, with maybe a layer of 3" tape along the crack. Then sanding the deck along the crack and feathering in a new layer of 4 oz., then refinishing.

If the deck is now peaked, you probably have more issues with the hatch stiffeners and rims being split. You may be able to restore the curve with some creative clamping and bracing, maybe not.

Should be a challenging project, anyhow. As well as a reminder to the bigger/athletic builders out there they they may want to design in more deck reinforcements if they plan on some of the more rambunctious self rescues. Those nearly flat aft deck on the LTs are particularly worrisome. Anybody for steel I-beams or those engineered wood girders?

Seriously, sad to here you broke your boat at the dawn of summer. I feel for ya.


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