Re: Broke my chesapeake 1

Posted by LeeG on Jun 17, 2004

How exactly is your aft deck finished? 4oz deck glass with standard wood reinforcement around the hatches? Can you press up/down on the aft deck and SEE movement at the crack? The idea is to get a full survey of the damage. Hatch reinforcements around the hole/forward edge and all that. I had the same thing happen with my Mariner Express, not 3' but an 8" section right at the edge of the deck,,gel coat cracks. It turned out the 3" glass tape on the interior deck/hull seam wasn't evenly layed out on the cracked side so the tape stopped too low allowing it to flex too much at the very edge.

In Response to: Broke my chesapeake 17!!! by Mike W on Jun 17, 2004