Posted by Mac on Jun 15, 2004

Kurt, Lee, etal, just want to get my case in perspective before I lead us off topic. My dance with sciatica is not chronic but when triggered, rather extreme (put me in the hospital twice last summer). There is a pressure point in the lower, inner thigh just above the knee that Kung Fu fighters know of. A kick there causes instant blackout. Unfortunately my sciatica is a Kung Fu master.

I have found that exposure to cold air and water on my lower back will invite a reaction a few hours later - starting with what seems to be a cramp in my left leg. Now that I know the symptoms and what is goung on I get low quickly and get warm to ward off the worst.

I will go searching the net for more info. Heck, if I find a site with folk as helpful as here....

To get back on topic - Mini Cell seats! Yea! Haven't even come close to sciatic discomfort in my yak with the custom carved seat.

First great invention - epoxy. Next - mini cell foam.