Re: Sciatica is a Pain

Posted by Dave Houser on Jun 17, 2004

I have a left foot that is always pins and needles from a blown disk (L5/S1). There are times when it worsens (you know like after moving furniture) and the back of my thigh numbs and my butt cheek gets a red-hot poker pain. Fortunately with a good carved mini-cell-foam seat, kayak paddling actually helps. The key is the seat must be sculpted to fit. A bad seat creates numb toes and wobbly knees in no time. And when I do that stupid heavy lifting leading to the thigh pain, Ibuprofen is the answer; the sooner the better. My orthopedic surgeon says to learn to live with it or go under the knife. So when I regularly paddle it never is a problem (beyond the pins and needles). How's that for and incentive to keep paddling, I did 10 miles last night.

In Response to: Sciatica by Mac on Jun 15, 2004