How To Roll, Mac

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 3, 2004

Mac, neither of us had any idea what the roll we were doing is called, and I can't find it in the book (if I spot it later, I'll certainly say). But you can certainly base it on the Pawlata. The basic difference is that instead of bringing the paddle out to 90 degrees (I wonder how they DO that?!), we were more like 30- to 45 degess off the bow (ah, much better!). Then, instead of sweeping across perpendicular to the boat's centerline, we were going overhead (or underhead, depending on how you look at things) same as the Pawlata, but from the bow quarter to the stern quarter starting at some 30- to 45 degrees off the boat's bow. Very easy and comfortable.

Also, you do not have to honk on the paddle a whole lot, as most of the action is caused by your hip-flick/lay-back motions. The paddle merely helps 'er along. When everything goes just right, it really takes surprisingly little physical effort.

Yes, I was wearing a PFD, and it helps a bunch by providing bouyancy to your ascending torso in the water, and not adversely affecting it in the air. I did not try a roll without the PFD. I did try a roll without the spray skirt, and that wadn't no problem other than you get a flooded cockpit.

Pay attention to that lay-back, for when your head comes up first, it ain't gonna be long at all before it goes back in. It isn't difficult to do, just easy to forget.

My instructor beat me savagely every time I did, however, with a 215 cm full graphite Werner Camano TourPro, and that's really why I caught on so fast.

Finally, when Leslie whips on her latex gloves all living creatures quickly vanish, even those with brains the size of a pea. She is a terror.

Cheers, Kurt

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