Nanuck of the North

Posted by Mac on Jun 3, 2004


Sounds like you've accomplished in one evening session, what many spend weeks learning. Hats off to you and your instructor!

I too have Derek's wonderful book and have stood on dry land with my paddle looking extreemly wierd while I swat at our Quebec mosquitos (least that's what I tell passers by).

Which roll did you learn this time? Were you wearing a PFD? Does it help or hinder?

Again you eschew the mystique and get right down to it - giving us all confidence.

Looking forward to the first installment in the wild. Maybe we can buy the big 'gator a rubber Orca outfit to lend authenticity to Leslie's documentary. She's so good at whippin' on those latex gloves, let's see what she can do with Big Al.

All the best........

In Response to: Re: Nanuck of the North by Peter Lyons on Jun 2, 2004