Re: Rule of Thumb?

Posted by Mac on Jun 2, 2004

Lee and Chris, thanks for responding.

I didn't specifically identify the boat - which is a Roy Folland Sea Lion - because it probably isn't widely known. That's why I went into the lengthy description.

I'm a novice kayaker - in fact this is my absolute first experience in a sea yak. I have extensive canoe milage, however, and find the kayak to be exactly the reverse when solo paddling into and with the wind.

In my two weekends of paddling, I've figured out how the chines help me steer.

I'm able to manouver with sweeps etc., but I thought that being seated in the center of the boat sort of balanced things out regarding upwind and downwind characteristics.

I'll try putting a little weight way back in the stern to see if lifting the prow changes things before I resort to a rudder or skeg.

Maybe I'd better rack up way more hours of paddling to eliminate ME as the main problem.

Ah well, back to the Derek Hutchinson books.

Thanks again

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