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Posted by Kyle T on May 27, 2004

I used the nails because I didn't know any better (or worse for that matter). I built my yak before I found these forums. Visiting here I get to see all of these great questions come up and I say 'huh, what if?'. Some of the better questions I apply some head scratching to and pay close attention to the experienced answerers.

If I ever build another CLC boat I probably will try to avoid the nails because: 1. They cost money 2. They are heavy. CLC's online catalog refers to the ring nails by saying, "1/2 pound is enough to attach kayak deck. Specify 14 or 15 gauge x 3/4�.

That is an easy 1/2-pound off the boat. And yes a 1/2-pound savings is worth a little extra effort to some. For me, every boat I make henceforth will be as light as reasonably possible (while still being structurally safe).

Fellow builders, Keep those questions and answers coming so that I can make better boats. Thanks.


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