Re: True Confessions

Posted by Peter Lyons on May 26, 2004

>>If my boats look like crap, I promise to fix 'em next winter and go paddlin'...<<

Heck yeah... that's the attitude I'm adopting as my own too. Man, this finish work can drag on forever!

I'll tell ya one thing for sure, on future boats, I believe I'll be a lot more careful to wipe up epoxy drips! That stuff is a booger to sand. My MC 16.5 is sporting plenty o' drips - especially on the hard-to-sand interior. How much does it bother me? Not much! I figure the drips will get covered up with sand, dirt, twigs, dried-up lily pads and pond muck.

In Response to: True Confessions by Kurt Maurer on May 26, 2004