Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 26, 2004

"Man, this finish work can drag on forever!"

Exactly. I wanna get my dead butt on the WATER. The end.

"I believe I'll be a lot more careful to wipe up epoxy drips!"

Yup, that's what I concluded also. But I have yet to implement the wisdom somehow.

"How much does it bother me? Not much!"

Exactly. Doesn't seem to bother anyone else, either.

LOL!! Great post, Mister Lyons (although *any* post that essentially agrees with Mister Maurer is an excellent one in my humble, but highly accurate, opinion).

It is all just a matter of what is important to the individual in question. Some folks will want to get things perfect, while a guy like me takes the path of least resistance to the water. Both are perfectly valid enterprises since we are, after all, engaged in a hobby which, by definition, is supposed to be FUN. What ain't valid is the guy - or gal - who gets frustrated thinking they must live up to some ideal when all they really want to do is go paddling. Or vice versa.

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Re: True Confessions by Peter Lyons on May 26, 2004