Re: Wash? before fill coa

Posted by Chris on May 13, 2004

Since you say fill coat, I'm assuming you've already put on the glass, and at least one wet out coat of epoxy. right? either a light wash with gentle detergent (like dish soap and water) or a wipe down with alcohol will work. the alcohol evaporates quickly. Make sure you rinse the soap off well. Personally, I just vacumed well and wiped with a clean wet rag to get any residual dust. (when you get to the varnish stage, you want to be a lot more carefull. wash, dry, wash, dry, tack cloth.) Make sure the boat is dry before applying the next coat. I'd be carefull sanding with 80 grit from here on out, very easy to sand off everything you just put on, and you'll be applying coats forever like I did. cj

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