sanding printed weave

Posted by James E. on May 1, 2005

I glassed my hull about two weeks ago. I applied the primary coat with a squeege and two, maybe three thin coats with a foam roller. The weave printed through in most places and is a really bummer to level. It seems like the roller put more epoxy on the high spots.

Should I / could I apply another thin coat after taking off the high spots? (Its been a week since last coat of epoxy)

If I plan on a painted hull can I leave some little dimples and use the precoat/high build primer to level them?

How much/ to what grit should I sand if I plan on going the precoat/brightsides paint rout with the hull?

I would really appreaciate tips here, I still have not decided on the paint/ varish for the hull. It seems like blasphemy to cover all that wood, flaws or no flaws... but if it gets me in the water sooner ...