CLC has almost everything you'll need to build a boat from scratch.  These are the same materials that we use in our own shop and ship with thousands of CLC boat kits. 

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MAS #2 Economy Kit MAS #2 Economy Kit
Creature Comfort Seat Creature Comfort Seat
OPTIONAL: replaces standard seat
Okoume - Marine Plywood Okoume - Marine Plywood » 4mm 4' x 8'
Aluminum Adjustable Footbraces Aluminum Adjustable Footbraces
OPTIONAL: replaces standard footbraces
Happy Bottom Pad Happy Bottom Pad
OPTIONAL: replaces standard seat
Interlux Schooner Varnish Interlux Schooner Varnish
Keepers Footbraces Keepers Footbraces
STANDARD: our standard footbraces
Kayak Back Band Kayak Back Band
STANDARD: not necessary with Creature Comfort Seat
MiniCel Foam MiniCel Foam » 0.75-inch x 24" x 24"
STANDARD: for hip braces and knee braces (also enough for a foam seat)
Fiberglass Cloth - 4oz. Fiberglass Cloth - 4oz. » 50" Wide - Per Yard
Copper Wire Roll, 18g, 25 Ft Copper Wire Roll, 18g, 25 Ft
Foam Hatch Gasket / Kayak Hatch Tape Foam Hatch Gasket / Kayak Hatch Tape
for hatches
Side Release Buckle Side Release Buckle
STANDARD: for hatch hold-downs
Perimeter Line - Black (cord & rope) Perimeter Line - Black (cord & rope)
for grab loops (feet)
Flat Webbing - black Flat Webbing - black
STANDARD: for deck rigging and hatch hold-downs (feet)
Bungie Cord Black Bungie Cord Black » 1/4"
STANDARD: for deck rigging (feet)
#8-32 Flat Head SS Machine Screws #8-32 Flat Head SS Machine Screws » #8-32 x 1"
STANDARD: for deck rigging
SS Nylon Locking Nuts SS Nylon Locking Nuts » #8-32
STANDARD: for deck rigging
SS Flanged Finish Washers SS Flanged Finish Washers » #8
STANDARD: for deck rigging