hull glass on a WD12

hi folks, I am about to glass the hull of my WD12... and I'm wondering about people's experience with getting all the wrinkles out... I know that glass cloth has fair amount of give and can be worked flat.  I will be using MAS low viscostiy with slow hardener.

Also, Lazslo, looking ahead to the deck, I am planning on using your trick for the over lap with the packing tape.  Question: how flat were you able to get the over lapped glass?  Did you need to cut any darts?

Signed: Dave "stressed but happy builder" Donaldson

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RE: hull glass on a WD12


Just finished the glass on the top and bottom of my Wd12, and have a wd10 i finished over the winter.

For the hull i was able to smooth out the glass completely by hand before adding the epoxy. And starting in the middle and working out to the ends with a squegee i had no wrinkles form.

For the Deck, smoothed out by hand first. I had a few wrinkles showed up on the overlap as I was going around the curve of the deck. Not a one did not just lay flat when smoothed over by the squeegee.

Only cutting i did was at the bow and stern. 

Lazslo's approach has worked well twice for me. i used Blue painters tape with no issues.

Have fun, and happy paddling.



RE: hull glass on a WD12

I used the idea of taping too.  It's a great idea, but don't make the mistake I did of leaving the tape on too long.  It was very difficult to remove.  However, once I was able to, you could barely see the end of the tape.



RE: hull glass on a WD12

What Dave & Rich said. My variation was that I used my (gloved) hand to spread the epoxy. It works better on the first coat for me than squeegees, rollers or brushes. I can feel if an area has too much or not enough epoxy.



RE: hull glass on a WD12

Thanks guys, did the deed last night, came out awesome!  I am staining the centre panel today and glassing the deck tomorrow.  In the water by June!

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