Wherry sanding, how much is enough ??

First time Wherry builder...

I have applied three coats of clear epoxy to the hull, using a roller and plastic scraper to thin it as much as possible. I have sanded in between coats with 220, and after the sanding of the third coat, still can feel some 'bumps' and 'ridges' from the epoxy runs. Do I need to sand unitl all 'feels' smooth to the touch or will that get taken care of when I prime and wet sand ?? I have read some threads on the forum about this, and although the common advice is not to try to get it 'baby butt smooth' prior to prime and paint, I'm a bit nervous about quitting the sanding now and have things 'telegraph' throught the finished hull.

Halp !

Chuck T.




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RE: Wherry sanding, how much is enough ??

The primer is for filling the small low spots.  If you are feeling bumps and ridges, those are high spots - sand them off.  The epoxy is there to seal the wood and strenthgen it.  Extra epoxy only adds weight.  It's a pain to sand off, but you'll be looking at the results for much longer than you'll be sanding.  Good luck.

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