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I've been looking at diffrent ways to hold my paddle in place while taking a rest from paddling.  I saw an idea from a catalog I liked and I was wondering if anyone has done this?.  Taking a three foot piece of bungee cord and stretching it on the side and then adding a small hook just underneather the coaming.  You can place the paddle on the side, stretch the cord over the paddle and onto the hook.  It seems simple and "clean".  I know some people use the front or back bungees for paddles as well.  Any thoughts?

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RE: Paddle Holder


 I'm doing something similar.  I ordered some bungee hooks from Austin Kayak (, and when I hook up my deck bungees, there will be an extra 8" bungee doubled up along the sheer.  I'm going to have a small plastic hook about 2 inches below the coaming so that I can park the paddle when I'm fishing or resting.  


RE: Paddle Holder

Thanks Chris! 

RE: Paddle Holder

seems like a good idea, one caution: leave enough bungee.  met a guy at a pool session that had a 6-8" bungee on the right side of his boat.  When I asked, he showed me how he was planning to do what you described but unfortunately did not have enough bungee to a) stay sung on the side of the boat and b) have enough stretch to reach over the paddle.  I would suggest that you grab a peice of scrap and test before doing it for real.

good luck, let us know how it works out.  I might do the same when I build my C18.  Currently using the foredeck rigging and that is working well

RE: Paddle Holder

What you are describing is sold by out of Houston, TX the also carry it at Gander Mountain and Academy Sports.

RE: Paddle Holder

I just use a paddle leash, which is like a 3' or so elastic 'shock' cord which clips to my deck bungie, and has a velcro part to wrap around the paddle.  When I want to rest or otherwise put my paddle down, I can just let it float in the water along side.

The major benefit of the paddle leash is that I don't have to worry about my paddle floating away in the event of a capsize.

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 If you use a greenland paddle then a paddle leash gets in the way of the strokes, since you use the full length of the paddle and articulate it accordingly.  On a Euro paddle, a paddle leash is the way to go.


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