fill coats on the deck of a Shearwater 16 Hybrid

I am closing in on the end of my build and I hope to have this boat in the water this Spring:)  I have found the information on this forum very helpful - so thanks in advance for your advice. 

I have the deck fiberglassed and I have the combing installed.  I was unsure about when to do the fill coats on my Shearwater 16 Hybrid.  At the end of the section on Fiberglassing the Deck - the directions indicate "Ultimately the deck should receive 3 coats of epoxy to fill the weave of the fabric." 

 So should I fill the weave before I cut the hatches or after?  I am a bit nervous about this step so I want to be totally prepared to do it right.

 Thanks - Kathy

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RE: fill coats on the deck of a Shearwater 16 Hybrid

Do it before cutting out the deck, especially if you're planning on using the cutouts as  your hatch covers.  Plus, you'll have a lot less drips and sags then if you're trying to epoxy around the cut out hatches.  You may need more then 3 coats.  I think my deck took more like 5 thin coats.  Do a little fairing before the last coat to speed up the final sanding of the hull before varnish. 


RE: fill coats on the deck of a Shearwater 16 Hybrid

I agree with Chris, do all of your filling and fairing before you cut the hatches out. I used glass tape on the seam between the deck and hull, BIG MISTAKE, and it took 6 or 7 coats to lose the tape edge. I will just cut cloth in strips next time.

Get it done and in the Water !

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