Finally Finished!!!

15 months and one day and my Shearwater 17 Hybrid is loaded on the car, ready for transport for tomorrow's launch  The weight came in at 48.5 pounds, including full perimeter riging, bungies fore & aft, CLC mahogany rub strakes, dynel rub strips fore and aft, and a Smart Track rudder and control system.  Oh, I also lined the inboard edge of the cockpit coaming with cedar deck stripping material and made the cockpit rim with the same stuff.  Take off the extras and I think I came pretty close to the published 44 pounds.

Tommorow she will get her keel wet on Lake Cahuilla, my regular rowing spot here in the California desert.  Come July she will taste some lakes in Idaho and hopefully we will meet the CLC gang in Newport Beach at the end of August.

I don't post pictures, but will send some to CLC.

Paul G.

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RE: Finally Finished!!!

Hello Paul,

I'm brarnd new to this forum -and in this community :) -

Can you please tell me which Smarttrack model did you used on Shearwater17"?

The question i regarding if it was long or short pin or if you used the rudder mount?

Thank you

Radu C.

RE: Finally Finished!!!


I used the short pin.  The hole is centered just 1" forward of the extreme aft end of the boat.  I drilled a small pilot hole first.  You need to be very careful to stay centered as the hole will be comming out thru the stern post.  I then bored out a slightly undersized  hole all the way thru.  Finally bored to fit the bearing OD and stopped short of comming out the bottom.  Epoxyed in the bearing, leaving it sticking up above the deck by a 1/4" or so. 

Currently paddling every day on Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho and all is working well.


Good luck.


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