Stripe on Chesse 17LT

I am planning on painting my kayak like the Chesse 17LT on the CLC site with the black hull and a stripe running down the side.  I understand how to get the stripe by painting over the tape, but is the stripe varnished seperatly?  Also, are there any photos on what the top of the deck looks like?  Does the stripe end at the edge of the hull? Thanks for your help.

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RE: Stripe on Chesse 17LT


I'd pull the tape off after painting and mask off both sides of the painted area with blue painter's tape and varnish the stripe seperately. There will be a ridge where the paint is and the varnish will fill it in. That may be overkill, you may not need to mask off, just let the varnish fill in as you apply it. As far as the deck, the screws for the hold downs are in the painted field. They're screwed into the sheer clamp so the paint goes onto the deck at least an inch.

Just one thing you might consider: the wood grain stripe looks great but a red one will make the boat go faster.

George K

RE: Stripe on Chesse 17LT

George- Thanks for the response!   I like the red stripe idea, if it were only true about going faster! 

RE: Stripe on Chesse 17LT

Kiz, I'm doing a similar paint scheme, but on mine that deck to hull stripe will only be an inch or so wide... my deck and sides will be clear varnished.  I'll put forward slanting wide stripes across the plywood seams (where the scarf joints are), as well as a forward stripe at the center of the deck (the butt joints).  The bottom will be solid green, with the paint coming up over the stitch holes (maybe 1/2 inch).  So in the end, I'll have a racy striped deck and sides, with lots of clear mahogony showing on sides and deck, and the tips (fore and aft) also painted in the solid green color. 

Sorry I can't describe it better but I'll post pictures once it's done.  It's similar to the CLC black hulled boat, only with more wood showing.

Mine also has a carbon-fiber coaming (black) and it'll be circumscribed with a green stripe under the coaming, which will tie  neatly into the stripes on the butt joints at the center. 

Any of this make sense?

Pics to follow (soon, I hope!),


RE: Stripe on Chesse 17LT

If you want an idea how a red stripe, 1" onto side and deck with red coaming looks see attached. I tapered the stripe towards the end a bit.

RE: Stripe on Chesse 17LT

Larry, I'm a big fan and have been following your work, very impressive.  EbBru, love the pics and dog by the way.  Is that an Border Collie?  I have an English Shepherd.  Sorry, I got off track.  My confusion comes in the process of painting, sanding and varnishing.  I know to paint the hull after priming and will probably need two or more coats of paint.  After removing the stripe, I wanted to know if i had to varnish the stripe seperately, how many coats of varnish and how would a sand a small stripe like this without damaging the paint?  I understood George's response, but still questioned if I have to sand and varnish that little stripe like I will on the varnished deck?  I really appreciate the input!

RE: Stripe on Chesse 17LT

Nice boat Edbru.  Do you have closer pictures of the hatch fastening system you used.  looks pretty simple and secure.  I would definetly like to see closeups!

RE: Stripe on Chesse 17LT

I basically did all the epoxy sanding, then taped and painted the stripe, then pulled the tape.  A few days later started putting on varnish.  Sanded very lightly over everything.  There is a very small bump transitioning from the paint to the clear deck but it is something only I notice and that only rarely. 

The hatch hold down is CLC's old flush hatch kit with with epoxied tabs of wood that pivot on bolts through the deck.  Works well, and doesn't stand out too much.

My second kayak I used the bungie cord system.  Both seem to hold up fine, but then I do not usually go out in surf or whitecaps.  I have rolled it in the Hudson and recovered with a little help from my friends.  Got a few drops in but nothing to worry about.  

The dog is a miniature Australian Shepard.  I had just lost his companion dog and did not want to leave him alone in the car too long.  The water was quiet so I popped the rear hatch and sat him in.  Once he got over the surprise he seemed to enjoy the trip.  Paddled on the Mystic river for a couple of hours.




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