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Concerns....... I didn't have a helper to help me cut my deck, so I used #6 - 3/4 brass screws to hold down one side every other hole, then straps to help me hold down, mark and cut the other side.  After taking the screws out, I noticed how soft the brass was and were stripping the heads taking in and out.  I think I want to stay with the bronze nails as recommended, but is it too late to change back? I still have every other spot not touched on the right side and the entire left side untouched.  Just concered about strength on the Right side?  Also, I am not worried about appearance as I am painting the hull with a one inch overhang on the deck as in most of the pictures I see.

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RE: Installing deck

It really doesn't matter what method you use if you're going to paint the area. You haven't done any harm using the brass screws. You could use steel screws to hold the entire deck down while gluing it to the hull and remove them when the epoxy is cured. Put a bit of parafin on the threads first to make sure they don't get epoxied in place. You won't need the nails if you do it that way and it'll save a few ounces. Just fill all the holes with thickened epoxy before glassing the deck.

George K

RE: Installing deck

Thanks George, the response is appreciated!

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