I received my plans for a 16, they talk about having 3/16 plywood, the only okoume plywood that i could get from around Montreal is a 1/4 plywood. Can I build out of it or it will be hard to give it  shape?

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RE: thickness!!


You'll find the 1/4" Okoume more appropriate for the 16 footer; the 3/16th inch wood will produce a lighter boat, but will be more fragile as well.  My Chese 17 is 1/4" all the way round, and it went together great!

Enjoy, you're gonna love this!


RE: thickness!!

 Thank you larry.  I guess now it's time to go buy some of that ply..

RE: thickness!!

Salut J'aime les Bateaux,

I'm from Montreal too, and am currently building a Skerry. May I ask, where do you buy your plywood? I went to Langevin et Forest but I find them expensive.

I used 1/4" for the sides of the Skerry and I find it is easy to bend and give shape. When glued into the final position, it becomes very rigid and strong.



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