Any tips about dyeing my plywood deck

I have my Arctic Hawk kit, waiting for the rest of the delivery, freight company was a nightmare, CLC was NOT the problem.


So my wood is a little plain in the grain department.  I was thinking of tinting it yellow for safety, still want it to be seen as wood, so opaque is out.

Alcohol based dyes vs waterbased?

Pre-conditioner, is it OK?

Will the dye be a problem when glassing the wood?

Could I get the same or a similar effect if I used a tinted clear coat?

Any thoughts about masking off areas for a multi-colored deck?


Love to talk to anyone 


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RE: Any tips about dyeing my plywood deck

Here at the school we have dyed a number of deck's, hatches and coaming rims to help pop the woods grain. our best success has been achieved with Analine dye's diluted with alchohol and then very carefully spraying the dye on in light coats untlil the desired color is achieved (TEST ON SMALL PIECES FIRST!!!!!!) it dries very quickly so you do not have to wait long to see the affect

the traditional method of wipe  on rag of has not given good results  the ply will not take an even coat at all with this method

Tinting clear coats is possible but later when you refinish you may have difficulty matching and sometimes while wet sanding for varnish we have found tinted clearcoats to bleed some of the color and make things very difficult

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