Little Auk 11 build time


I'm new to the board and am interested in the "Little Auk 11" to build as a gift to my Grandaughter.  I would appreciate any input on approximate build hours for the Kit and/or a plans built version.  I'm pretty handy but most of my experience is in metal fabrication.

I would be very grateful for any input.


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RE: Little Auk 11 build time

300 hours is generally considered to be par for any strip boat - longer if you get too creative with the design. One of my paddling buddies, who has built five strippers and two skin boats, including a great auk, built a little auk for his grandson last year and said it was the most difficult and frustrating project he's done. You might want to look at a stitch and glue boat like the wood duck as a first-time project. It would take about a third of the time.

RE: Little Auk 11 build time

I built a Little Auk 11 year, my stripper and it took me 4 months.  I have since started a Petrel.  The Petrel has gone much "faster" and seems much easier to strip. Less bending, longer strip, more exprience don't know why.  I sure like the boat.

RE: Little Auk 11 build time

Thank you both very much for the input.  I certainly don't want to "get myself in trouble" with this project.  I'll check out the two models you have suggested.



Wood Duck Hybrid?

Looks like the Wood Duck Hybrid might be the way to go.  Easier construction on the hull with a "strip" deck.  The best of both worlds?

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