Cool PocketShip Photos

Our agent in Japan, Kanai, is nearly ready to launch his PocketShip.  Check out the photos here and here.


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RE: Cool PocketShip Photos

What great craftsmanship! How did he find room in Japan to build a boat? When I lived there for awhile, I had trouble turning around in my house much less have room to build a boat

RE: Cool PocketShip Photos

Great looking Boat with pride in workmanship as the icing on the cake--Thaks for sharing---Steve

RE: Cool PocketShip Photos

Very nice, indeed. I love the spray booth! If I did that down here in Florida I wouldn't be able to count the number of vermin stuck to it. Now if only he would sail it over here for OkoumeFest. Guaranteed to win for best of show and furthest traveled!

George K 

RE: Cool PocketShip Photos

I noticed if you 'click' the image top left it gives pages of photo's of the Pocketship at 2010 Boat Show and shots of kayaks being built! Stripers and looks like a Mill Creek. Google has a translate tab so that you can read the Japanese in a 'literal' translation.

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