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posting pictures

Can someone give step by step instructions for posting pictures in here? I've tried with the tools below with no success. I'm using a macbook (snowleopard, safari), Picasa on the machine and online.

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RE: posting pictures

Here is how I do it...

Go to the photo in your Picasa site, and right-click on the picture.  Then select Properties.  Select the text in the Address (URL) field, then right-click and select Copy.

Next come back to post message and click on the 'tree' icon below the message field.  In the Image URL field, paste the URL you copied from the image properties.  You can paste by right-clicking and and select paste in the Image URL field.  Note that you can add a description and set the image size.  400 x 300 works pretty well.  Then just click on the Insert button.

 Good luck...  Ron

RE: posting pictures


From Shearwater Hybrid
From Shearwater Hybrid
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RE: posting pictures

sorry about that. obviously that didn't work

RE: posting pictures

It actually got awfully close to working..... the address you pasted into the insert photo box went to the page that displayed your picture, not your picture itself.  The address of a picture itself usually (but not always) ends in ".jpg" .  I'll try your picture, in its original location, using the actual filename.

Sorry to rant...... but don't give up on the picture posting, you're really close and they are enjoyable.

RE: posting pictures

RE: posting pictures

success! heh heh...ran out of room for more clamps

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