Epoxying in the cold

I'm going to tackle a Chesapeake 16 this winter but the shead I am building it in is not heated, except for a small heater I will be using when I working on the project.  The question I have how will the lack of heat effect the curing of the epoxy.  Temperatures will be dropping well below freezing.  My secong question is, if I trim 2'' from the length at eather end...how will this effect the kayak and the build?

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RE: Epoxying in the cold

Check out this thread here http://www.clcboats.com/forum/clcforum/thread/8286.html for some good info on epoxy in the cold, and importantly, how to heat an area. (tip here: http://www.clcboats.com/shoptips/epoxy_and_fiberglass/epoxy_cold_weather.html )


-- James

RE: Epoxying in the cold


I am building a Ches 17LT in an uninsulated garage that regularly dips to 40 at night.  I built a 7x6x20 tent using 3mil plastic sheeting draped over 1" PVC irrigation pipe and use a small space heater inside.  Total material cost of $53.  For Christmas I scored a wireless weather station so I put the remote unit in the tent and the main unit outside of the tent but still in the garage.  This setup keeps the temperature in the tent steady and usually about 10 to 15 degrees warmer than in the garage.  You may need an extra heater if your shed is 30 degrees or less.  It takes about one hour to warm up the air in the tent... a bit longer for the wood and materials to warm up.  Watch out for fire danger and ventilation.  I bought a new fire alarm for the garage space because I regularly leave the heater on for two to three days at a time for epoxy work.


RE: Epoxying in the cold


 I built a tent using plastic sheeting - got a little fancy, but it works well (I've been building near Seattle this winter).  Here's a link with some photos - look down at the bottom of page 1 of this site.  I've also found that if I run a space heater inside the tent (got one on sale at Fred Meyer) it gets up to about 80 degrees in there even though it's 40 outside.  


 I put the tent down and turn on the heater about an hour or so before I got out to epoxy and it seems to work fine.  



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