Trying to Hatch a Duck

Did I miss something?  I have tack-welded and deck and hull back together.   Today I'm waiting for the welds to fully cure. 

Looking ahead to cutting out the Hatch.  Wire on the spacer?  Now that everything is closed up how do I get the wires in?  

Coach C.  

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RE: Trying to Hatch a Duck

that shoud read ...  and wired the deck and hull back together

RE: Trying to Hatch a Duck


I took a long piece of wire, put a bend on it, threaded it into one hole and twisted it around until it came up the other one (a pair of good needle nose pliers really helps when grabbing the tip).

Alternatively, if the wire and holes don't cooperate, you can use brads in the holes to set the alignment and tape to hold it in place.

Either way, you just need the spacer held down so you can trace its outline. A carpenter would probably just hold it in place.

BTW, thanks for the correction. If you'd really tacked the deck to the hull, it'd be time to get on the phone with CLC and be ordering a bonsai saw.



RE: Trying to Hatch a Duck

Thanks for the quick resposse and tips.  I have a bonsai saw and plan to use it to cut out the hatch. 

Thanks again and make sure you have a geat day! 

Coach C.

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