What: CLC Boat Demo

Where: Gandy Beach - St. Petersburg, Florida

When: Saturday, April 12th, 11am to 4pm

Come see us in St. Petersburg on Saturday, April 12th! We'll have about 18 boats there for you to try on the water.  The complete list of boats we can cram into the rig will be posted here shortly.

Many thanks to our generous friends and sponsors for this event, Sweetwater Kayaks.  They've hosted our demos there before, you'll recall.  This is a nice sport and we'll have boats on the water from 11am to 4pm.

AFTER THE DEMO, don't miss it -- John C. Harris. will stick around for a boatbuilding talk, slideshow, and Q & A session at 6pm, at Sweetwater Kayaks, just up the road .

Sweetwater Kayaks is located here.

Gandy Beach is located here.

Please RSVP if you get a chance.  Look forward to seeing you there! 

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