planing sheer clamps for strip plank

Happy new year!

I am building two Chesapeake 16s.  The first one will have the standard okoume deck.  The second one will have a hybrid strip plank deck.

I have used the sheer clamp guides to plane the sheer clamps on the first boat and successfully installed the aft deck.

I know that I will have to use the sheer clamp guides to template the top of the plywood or particle board stations for the strip planking.

My question is this - should I do anything different when planing the sheer clamps for a strip plank deck?

Thanks in advance for any comments/advice.

Paul in Phoenix 


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RE: planing sheer clamps for strip plank


The process is all pretty much the same.  I have built a MC 16.5 with plywood deck and a Shearwater 17 with strip deck.  You actually do not need the planing guide with the strip boat.  Once your deck fors are set in place, with the top edge meeting the upper inboard corner of the sheer clamps, you can use a piece of deck material for a fairing batten.  Just lay it transversely across each form and bend it to the camber right down to the clamp.  This way you will definitely be planing to match the deck.

Good luck

Paul G.

Palm Desert

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