underside of deck

So, I've finished stripping the deck and have cut some curved supports so I can work on it upside down. It lifted off the forms without blowing apart,  but it seems quite fragile. The underbelly is pretty rough and is going to need a bit of work getting the glue off and smoothing it out to 120 grit. Any one have any advice as to the best way to scrape it clean without applying too much force?

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RE: underside of deck

If you used yellow carpenter's glue, the excess beads of glue will pop off easily. I used an old wood chisel as a scraper and it just took a few minutes. Then I sanded by hand. You don't need to get the interior perfectly smooth. If you crack a seam, just glue it back together. -Wes

RE: underside of deck

I used titebond 2. I think it's going to take me more than a few minutes....

Here's the latest pic


RE: underside of deck

That's not so bad.  Get some foam pipe insulation to line your cradles so you don't chew up the top of the deck.  Knock off the big globs with a scraper and rough sand it as Wes suggested.  You will find that it is stronger than you might expect. None of it is going to show so you just need to get it smooth enough to get a good bond with the glass and epoxy.

Good Luck

Paul G

RE: underside of deck

Thanks Wes and Paul. I used some closed cell foam strips to line the cradle. That works pretty good. I spent an hour this evening scraping and sanding and it's becoming much less ugly. There are a few spots where I'll filet (dookie shmutz) before I fiberglass, but over all it should be fine...and boy...will the next boat be better.

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