How much should I varnish the inside of the kayak?  Couple coats wherever I can reach with a roller?  Building a wood duck 12 so the cockpit is rather large and will let lots of light in.

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RE: varnishing


I painted the interior of mine... partly to hide the epoxy tape seams and other ugly areas.  Used an exterior oil-based paint in a color that'll compliment my exterior scheme.

I painted the cockpit and both cargo areas before the deck was installed.  Left the ends unpainted 'cause nobody will see them.

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RE: varnishing

I didn't do anything except for the coaming on mine. The theory is that I store it indoors away from light between uses, and when I'm using it I have my big opaque butt and a sprayskirt blocking off the sun. I also have a cover on it when I'm transporting it.

If you want to be extra safe, then  yeah, several coats wherever you can reach.



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