Sheer clamp scarfs

Nowhere in the literature can I findout exactly where I should position the scarf-joints on the Chesapeake 16.  Is it dead-centre ?  Or toward the bow or stern ?

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RE: Sheer clamp scarfs


I believe the instructions don't tell you where the scarf joints will be positioned because it will vary from boat to boat. I have instructions V2.2, dated 12/2002. On page 81, step 2 says to loosely stitch the bow and stern side panels together. In step 3, you use a scrap stick to spread the side panels to the correct beam width. Once you have the beam width correct, the scarf joints will automatically be in the correct position.

Having said all that, the plans for my CH-16LT show the scarf joints approximately 96 inches aft of the bow, but that measurement is with the panels flat, not curved like they will be when you build the actual boat.


RE: Sheer clamp scarfs

Hi Dave,

Oops! I just realized you asked about the sheer clamp scarfs, not the side panel scarfs. Ignore my previous answer!

On my 16-LT, each sheer clamp has two scarf joints, one in the forward compartment and one in the aft compartment. I thought it would look better not to have the scarf joints in the cockpit.


RE: Sheer clamp scarfs

Dave, my 17LT, like Mark's, has two joints on each scarf... was the only way to get 17 feet of wood from the lumber I had. 

I don't see why it would matter where they go, as they had little or no effect on the shape of the hull.  Mine were quite offset from side to side and the overall shape of my boat looks great.

Have fun - it's a great boat to build,


RE: Sheer clamp scarfs

Many thanks for this info Mark / Larry

I'll most likely go for the join where it cannot be seen.

I must admit, despite the minor problems that keep one on one's toes, I am finding my first CLC build a lot of fun.




RE: Sheer clamp scarfs

try to put them where there is as little curvature of the shear as possible.  The glue joint area will not bend quite the same as the wood without the joint and if you are a perfectionist you might notice a slight wiggle at the joint.  It is also a good idea to make the location symmetric about the centerline.

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