shearwater deck stitching


I am building a Shearwater 14 and in the process of stitching the deck together.  I'm having a bit of trouble around the cockpit area.  The panel at the front of the cockpit is riding up over the forward deck piece instead of butting up against it.  Tightening the stitches obviously only makes it ride up further.  Also, one of the tips of the front deck panel keeps popping up, and there is a wicked curve in the cockpit panel along the other side.  Perhaps I need to re-drill some holes in other locations to get it to all fit?  Or is there some trick here?  Everything else has come together great.  I tried to post photos below (we'll see if it works).

warped panel


riding up

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RE: shearwater deck stitching

Hmmm, I can see that I don't know how to post photos.  If anyone knows how to do this, let me know.


RE: shearwater deck stitching


I don't know anything about Shearwaters, but here's a link where you can upload your photos (free), then paste the [IMG];klad;[/IMG] tags into your text/post.  This creates links to the Tinypic server.  Be sure to select the "Message Board" size, 640x480, works best on these forums.

Be sure to erase the [IMG] headers/trailers before in the link, I copy/paste mine into a word document, do a find/replace to get rid of them all at once, then copy/paste them into my post.  Tedius, but it works.


Good luck,



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