Sass 16 Thwart/Seating arrangement?

I'm working on a Sassafras 16.  I cannot decide on how I want to arrange the thwart with single paddleing in mind.   I'd like to keep the "standard" seats in their normal places.  I've played with "kneeling board" ideas with two thwarts, a kayak-type seat and backrest (I think it is far too big of a boat for that to work out.) and even the drop-in rowing unit.  I was on the University crew for a year...really miss it and if this boat doesn't recieve a drop-in I'll be building another even sooner than I planned!


Basically I guess I'm asking how far off center you would feel comfortable placing the thwart.  How do you get around carrying problems if you do move the thwart or use two thwarts to leave the center open?  And for any general rigging advice for single-canoes.


I'm 6'2" 240#...which is why I didn't go with a 12'

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RE: Sass 16 Thwart/Seating arrangement?

I'm watching this thread as I'll be asking the same question soon.


I'm 6', 245#.

RE: Sass 16 Thwart/Seating arrangement?

Don't see why not. I'd build it first with a (temporary) centre thwart to get the shape right. Then, once complete, swap in a couple (or one if not too off-centre - say max 50cm).

Somewhere on this site I seem to remember seeing this oldish Japanese guy who had removed the mid thwart (and, I think, replaced with two smaller ones around where the seats would have been, and added a piantedosi row kit (or maybe just some oarlocks and a seat).

That said, I use mine in the ordinary config, and just kneel wherever balances when I'm going solo. Works fine. Losing the centre/portage thwart would, I imagine, pretty much force you to use a dolly/trolly to move it around...


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