passagemaker bulkhead location

I'm building a passagemaker take-apart and have filleted the transoms.  I'm now trying to properly position the bulkheads and don't understand the manual's direction to measure in a 'straight diagnonal'.  I interpret this to mean from the front right to the back left (or front left to back right) but when I also incorporate the measurement from the rear transom (on the bottom of the boat) the measurements don't appear to be correct.  I've tried to understand this better by 'rough fitting' the rear seat as well and all my measurements are 2 inches off.  Should I quit obsessing and go with the rear seat approximation?

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RE: passagemaker bulkhead location

Hi: I positioned my rear bulkhead by laying the seat on the bulkhead and then clamping the bulkhead at the top in position, which is the same as you are suggesting I think. The diagonal dimensions can be seen more clearly on the basic plan view of the PMD in the manual page 11. It goes from the left or right front corner to the forward edge of bulkhead.


RE: passagemaker bulkhead location

You  measuring down the side panel, but don't follow the curve. 

Ex: Place your tape measure on the front left corner of the front transom and measure to the point along the same left panel.  The measurement is the straight line between those points...aka: the diagonal.

It took me a while to figure it out too when I was building my PMD.

 Check out the Passagemaker forum at  for TONS of hints, help and stories.



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