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Another Question. On the Wood duck, the deck forms are not drilled in the middle of the deck. If the deck is not tight to the forms, should i add additional holes/wire

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RE: WD10 Question

On the WD12 I enlarged the holes at the chine corners onthe formers so that I could put 2 wires through them - 1 for the side panel and 1 for the bottom. Other than that I used the holes as they came in the kit.

I also found that I had the fairest shape when I left some wires out. This happens because wood is a natural product with non-uniformities acquired while it was blowing in the wind with the sun shining mostly on one side. Because of this, it won't always bend perfectly, so sometimes you have to accomodate it by changing the wiring pattern.

Finally, if the best shape comes with a slight gap under the deck, that's OK. Slight is 1/8" or less. A bead of woodflour puttyy will fill that right in. This is stitch & glue, not joinery, so it's no problem.



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