Chesse 16 fillets

I am abou to start filleting my chesse 16.  I measured from bow and stern 4 ft and used a level.  Both ends show that they are level.  I also "eyed the sides and they appear smooth with no bulges, etc?  Is there anything else I should do before starting to fillet.  Also, I have the kayake clamped just under the sheer clamps.  How long can it stay in this position without doing damage to my kayak?  Thanks in advance for your input.

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RE: Chesse 16 fillets

You've done two of the three major tests. The third is to sight down the middle to assure that the bow, stern and midpoints of the bulkheads and intermediate forms all align and that there is no twist to the hull. You might also sight along the keel from both ends. As for the clamping question, I don't understand what you mean. Could you rephrase it? -Wes

RE: Chesse 16 fillets

Thanks for the reply.  I am in the chicago area and its getting very cold and I may not be able to heat my garage enough to start the fillets.  The kayak is currently on braces using vises on the side panels.  How long can I leave it like this before doing any damage?  If I do not plan on working on it for a month or so, should I take it off the braces and vises and lay it back on the saw horses for extra support? 

RE: Chesse 16 fillets


If your "vices" are attached to the sheer clamps (at top of the sides) you should be fine.  Mine hung that way for a week, perhaps longer.  The great thing about hanging it is that the hull "finds it's form."  In my case, everything fell into shape only after I suspended it.

Sorry to hear about the cold Chicago weather; I used to live in Omaha - know of what you speak!  I'm getting pounded by the rains of Ida (east coast) but the temps are still around 50, which make epoxying possible (I scarfed my forward deck - chesse 17 lt - yesterday and should install it this weekend).

Good luck,


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