replace masking tape between coats?

I'm painting a black border around my boat's deck using Interlux Brightside.  It's masked with 3M FineLine tape I picked up at the auto parts store.

Is retaping between coats necessary to keep the paint from bleeding underneath, or to keep it from tearing away when the tape is removed? I remember seeing this step recommended somewhere.

It was definitely a chore getting the tape on, getting it to follow a decently fair curve, and making the semicircular cuts at the bow and stern where the tape comes together.  That's an effort that I'd grudgingly repeat if I had to, but one I don't want to undertake unless I have to.

So glad to finally be putting the finish on this boat!  I only wish it were July.

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RE: replace masking tape between coats?

I used 3M tape, too, and left one application of it in place for one coat of two-part epoxy primer and two coats of marine topside paint, and another in place for 6 coats of varnish, and it worked fine.  The first coat of paint/varnish seals the edge pretty effectively.  I do suggest observing pretty much the minimum allowable time between coats, though, tape is easier to remove if it hasn't been in place too long.

RE: replace masking tape between coats?

How long should I let the Brightside cure before I put tape on it?  I usually give household paint 2-3 weeks before I go near it with masking tape.  But this FineLine tape is a different animal, and so is the paint.

RE: replace masking tape between coats?

I used green masking tape on Brightside after 24 hours with no problem. My plywood hull is painted and the strip deck is varnished. I left the tape on the deck through three coats of enamel and on the hull through three coats of varnish. Then I covered the seam with 1/4" black vinyl tape made for boat use, which really looks sharp. -Wes

RE: replace masking tape between coats?

why don't you paint the black on last it would cover in one coat most likely

lift the tape off while wet and lifting will not be a problem

dont drop the tape

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