WD12 hatch access

I had the Duck out for an autumnal paddle yesterday and found that I was able to access the hatch even out on the water. The trick is to slide forward into the cockpit, roll over onto one's stomach, then slide back toward the rear. You end up with your chest on the seat back, head and shoulders over the rear coaming. In that position the rear hatch is easily accessible. It was nice not having to beach to get at the stuff in the hatch.

Note - only try this on still waters. While the WD12 is incredibly stable, you don't want a wave breaking over your rear with the hatch open.


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RE: WD12 hatch access


I don't have my WD12 finished yet, but was wondering why you have to access the rear hatch that way. Can't one just turn enough to flip the hatch fastners and open the hatch? Just curious.

RE: WD12 hatch access

I can't on my boat. I used the invisible hatch hold-downs (which require 2 hands to operate). Even if I'd gone with the stock fasteners, I don't think I could reach the back set of fasteners. This is pretty common in all kayaks, not just Wood Ducks. That's why people put in day hatches.

The other places where arm length comes into play are getting the spray skirt onto the coaming and the location of the forward bungees. I always have difficulty getting the skirt onto the coaming because I end up having to lean forward to get the front placed, which many times pops the back.

The stock positions of the for ward bungees is also too far forward to be of any use to me, so I moved mine back when I installed them.

That's the beauty of building your own, you make it fit you perfectly.




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