Help me decide...

I'm looking at three boats, trying to decide between them...

They're the Chester Yawl, the Skerry, and the Northeaster Dory.  

I want a boat that rows very well but are reasonably stable so I can sit on the side and look down underwater while in shallow water.

So... which of the three would row the best and is reasonably stable?  All three are fairly close via the stats but would like some real world experiences from people who actually rowed any of the three boats I mentioned.  The Chester Yawl looks to row the best but based on the beam, I'm afraid it may not be that stable.


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RE: Help me decide...

I built the Skerry and she rows easily, and fast.  Love it.  The only downside is the Skerry's lighter payload at 450 lbs vs. 650 lbs (I think).  Haven't rowed the other two, but I love my Skerry.  Good Luck,  Bob H.

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