Problems with my new Wood Duck 12

I need some help or sage advise. I took delivery of my Wood Duck 12 last thursday and worked on it nearly every waking minute and now find I have a slight ( I hope ) problem at the stern. No matter how I tried to adjust the hull and the top, I came up short at the stern by about 1/4" to 3/8" of having the top meet with the top of the stern triangular piece. So, I pulled the top of the triangular stern toward the front the required amount and wired in place. After doing that I noticed that the last couple inches of the top do not extend out far enough to meet the top of the sides by over half the ply of the side plywood. I just could not effect a fix, so I built up the bow and stern with the peanut butter thick epoxy and hoped I would think of a magical fix in the interim. Have I screwed up? Is this a serious fix or am I just looking at a cosmetic problem? What might be the best way to fix this both structurally and cosmetically? Thanks in advance to anyone with some insight.

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RE: Problems with my new Wood Duck 12

I can't quite visualize it from your description.  Could you email a digital snapshot to info[at]

RE: Problems with my new Wood Duck 12

Hi Iafisher,  had seemongly same problems durin gmy built. However i have built from a set of plans, not kit.  I overcame this problem by making at the end 5 differently shaped  triangular stern parts. for the final one i took 8mm (1/3") ply instead of 4mm ply. 

have good progress further on !

best regards 


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