Anyone building the RC Independence?

Has anyone tried using lightweight glass (3/4 - 1 oz) for the hull and deck?  CLC doesn't include it in their manual, but other builders I've exchanged info with have used a light weight coat of glass on the hull, deck and other parts as well.  I also understand that the glass is applied more easily with several coats of a polyeurethane spray finish than it might be with traditional boat building epoxy methods.  I like the idea, especially since I'll be painting the entire exterior rather than staining or varnishing it.   Thoughts anyone?  Thanks, Bob H

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RE: Anyone building the RC Independence?


Why are you putting on the glass? if it's for abrasion resistance, it's hard to beat epoxy. Fully cured it's harder than formica, which you can't say about spray on polyurethanes. It also has excellent adhesion to wood and good wetting properties.

As far as painting it, here's what painted epoxy & glass end up looking like:


Back away from the spraycan,



RE: Anyone building the RC Independence?


Good looking boat you got there. Looking forward to seeing it next week. Got home yesterday, by the way.


RE: Anyone building the RC Independence?


On a project which does not need fiberglass, have you entertained using Clean Penetrating Epoxy Sealer?  Larger wood boat builders and restorers use it.  They brush in on the raw wood until the wood will take no more.  Then go ahead and varnish, paint whatever. It's a two part product.

RE: Anyone building the RC Independence?

I guess, getting back to Laszlo's question, why am I putting on glass?  I haven't decided to do that yet, and I would do it if I thought it would add extra strength to the hull being glassed.  I'm told that these boats can collide in a race and can hit and be hit pretty hard.  But maybe just epoxy on the outside is enough.  Just curious, that's all.  Thanks.  Bob H.

RE: Anyone building the RC Independence?

I used to race RC sailboats and built many, from 1M kevlar hulls on up through the 50" Marblehead carbon fiber wonders that were laid up over molds.  My favorite was a Star boat I made from plans using 1/16 balsa strips for the hull covered by 3/4" oz glass. 

 It looks like the Independence RC model hull is made from 1/8" marine ply?  If that's the case, it's already over-engineered for durability.  We regularly fabricated hulls no more than the thickness of 6oz glass laminated to 3/4oz glass, using balsa for sheer plates.  Never found these boats to be vulnerable to much.

As a one-design class, adding 3 oz. of unnecessary weight to the boat will put you at the back of the pack racing against experienced sailors.  Especially in one-design classes with weight restrictions, the idea is to get as much of the spec weight under the water on the bulb.

Build the boat to spec.  From what I can tell, it's PLENTY strong as designed.  I'd be figuring out how to make it LIGHT.  

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