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I would like to add these type of handles to my almost finished Millcreek 13. i like the look of them going thru the bow of the boat but i did not do end pours. Is there any way i can still do this. i would also welcome any other method of mounting aside from the pad eye as the one sold by CLC just looks too big for my liking...Any help would be greatly welcomed-Chris 

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RE: Toggle handles

Can you reach the ends of your boat through the hatches?  If so you could still do end pours, but I'd recommend a runny batch of epoxy, to ensure it fills the entire end (and tap it with a hammer from the outside to drive any air bubbles up/out).   A cup or so of semi-thickened epoxy should give you enough fill to drill through for the ropes.

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RE: Toggle handles

I used the toggle handle in the bow with a small end pour. I used a lot of the glass micro balloons in the epoxy to make it lighter weight, then tilted the boat on end so I only had to do a small pour. It drilled out easy.

I used a padeye in the stern-I don't think it is too large. I had installed a scrap 3/4" piece of wood under the stern deck to attach my pad eye to.

RE: Toggle handles


You can use a section of 1/2" pvc epoxied in place in a hole drilled through the bow.  Some have done this wood, but I don't find the little bit of plastic too objectionable.



pvc tube in bow

RE: Toggle handles

I agree with you that the padeyes look too big. My solution was to use 1/4" fairleads, which I screwed through the deck with 1" ss screws, then secured with small (3-4oz.) end pours that favor the deck. You can see photos and a clearer description on my Shearwater Construction Notes site at -Wes

RE: Toggle handles

Thanks for all your replies, but i think i'm gonna go a different route. i have shaped a piece of oak about 1" tall x 3/4" thick x 6' long tapering back from the front with an arch in the bottom big enough to put the rope for the handle thru. i am gonna epoxy it on the front of the deck right at the bow. i'll get a pick up soon to show you guys how it looks.

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