Northeaster Dory Sailing Rig

Does the daggerboard trunk interfere with fixed seat rowing?  In the videos it appears the typical rower's behind extends forward of the seat - especially when leaning back / pulling through with the oars.  Seems like the daggerboard trunk would interfere?  No?  Yes?


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RE: Northeaster Dory Sailing Rig

I'd be interested in that question also. I have a sail now but had set the dory up for rowing, fixed seat.  For the section in question, I connected the forward and middle thwarts with a 6inch wide plank that serves as a backrest for those long rows (Blackburn 2009/1st place working class...4:13/21 miles)

I will be moving to Hawaii the end of next summer and will be selling this dory with sail and trailer or without either...with Concept 2 carbon hatchet oars or not.

Feel free to contact me for photos and pricing. 


john zeigler

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