CH16LT Kit - installing deck beam

The manual says to drill a pilot hole for the deck beam using a #8 Fuller bit. I was not familiar with this type of bit so I did some research. Boy, it is expensive! And I haven't been able to find it local to me. I would have to order online.  Has anyone installed the deck beam with the screw differently?

After installing the deck beam I don't see anywhere in the manual where it tells you about how to fill he hole where the screw is. I imagine I could put a plug of wood or fill it with thickened epoxy. Any other ideas?

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RE: CH16LT Kit - installing deck beam

I've read where folks installed those deckbeams without screws, just clamping pressure to hold everything in place until the epoxy cures.  That's my plan... rather not have the screws showing in the finished product.

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RE: CH16LT Kit - installing deck beam

Yeah, I have read posts where the person did not use the screw. But I don't mind the screw showing and I feel more comfortable if it is there like the instructions say.

RE: CH16LT Kit - installing deck beam


I just put my deck on, and didn't use a screw to hold the deck beam.  I can assure you that epoxy thickened with wood flour is stronger then any bronze screw you can put in there.  You'll be drilling the screw into the end-grain plywood of the deck beam, which doesn't actually give any surface for the screw to grab.  I clamped scrap wood to the sheer clamp to act as a shelf, put plastic over it, and clamped the deck beam lightly to that on each side.  This kept the beam in vertical alignment until the epoxy cured.  

RE: CH16LT Kit - installing deck beam

Okay, then I will go that route. This way I don't have to worry about drilling the hole. One less thing that can go wrong. 

Thanks all for the help. 

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