I'm glassing my hull of my Wood Duck tomorrow and had a question about filling-the-weave.  
For practice yesterday, I tried filling-the-weave inside the bulkhead.  The bottom looks great, but the side panels (which are near vertical) held very little epoxy.  The epoxy slowly flowed down.  I'm not too worried since it was inside my hull, but I'm sure the outside hull will do the same thing.
Has anyone else had the same problem, or am I doing something wrong?



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RE: filling-the-weave

Danny --

I'm wondering if you were trying to do too much, i.e., whether you were applying a pretty thick coat to get the job done all at once, and it ran before it cured.  I think you'll have the best luck using multiple thin coats.  Takes longer, since you have to wait between coats, but there's less running and slumping.

By the way, smart move in starting with a less visible and less vital area!

  -- Jim

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