hatch openings before deck glassing

I want to cut my hatch openings before I glass the deck on my 17LT.

Give me one good reason not to.  I can keep the mess from getting inside easily enough...

Upside:  I can install an aft deckbeam (attached using screws, epoxy, and a spreader inside the hull) to give the aft deck some added support, which it really needs on this build, while the deck is still flexible enough to manipulate a bit, despite the epoxy on its underside.


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RE: hatch openings before deck glassing

I thought about cutting my hatches first (plans built LT-17 and Ches. 14) but decided against it because I was concerned that the relief to the wood of the unformed deck would end up distorting the camber of the sides of the hull at the hatch openings when the decking was attached to the hull, especially in the foredeck where the camber is fairly strong.

FWIW, I installed deckbeams fore and aft on the LT-17, too, but did it before I installed the deck. 

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