skim coats

Hey guys whats the normal number of finish skim coats of epoxy to apply, the manual doesn t say.And it also says i can try it out for a day trip before varnishing?If this is tru how long should i wait after the last skim coat?

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RE: skim coats

If I'm interpreting your question correctly, you're talking about coats of epoxy over the fiberglass, impregnating it and filling its weave? 

Enough to fill the weave, but not not any more than that, as additional epoxy needlessly adds to weight and cost.

No set number of coats, but make them thin coats rather than thick -- less chance of runs which you'll have to scrape and/or sand later.

FYI, it's described on p. 131 of the "Building the Chesapeake Sea Kayak" manual.  Be mindful of what it says about making sure there are no white spots in the first coat -- they're essentially bubbles beneath the glass and epoxy, and they're a major pain if that first coat cures before you notice them.

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