I am building a mill creek 16.5 and at the point to start the fiberglass work. I want to fiberglass the cockpit and do the end poors.  After reading all instrctions for the interior,2 coats the esterior 2 or 3 coats and the deck 4 coats, my question is there enough epoxi that comes with the kit wnough? We get one gallon with the   Thanks

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RE: fiberglassing???

The Mill Creek 16.5 kit should come with 1.5 gallon resin, 0.75 gallon slow hardner (MAS Economy Kit #2).  This is a total of 2.25 gallons of mixed epoxy. That should be enough to do your Mill Creek.  I am interested to know if you only have 1 Gallon of epoxy for your boat. If that is the case it will not be enough.   

RE: fiberglassing???

If you are careful mixing and make small batches to avoid waste, make small fillets, add micro-ballons for end pours and roll on your coats of epoxy to fill the fiberglass, you may be able to do it with 1.5 gallons of resin. I have used just over 1.5 gallons but I added 4oz glass to the inside of my MC 16.5 instead of taping the seams and installed graphite rubstrips. I have also built and added some other custom items for fishing which used up some of the epoxy.

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